Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sara went bowling and then was forced by her crazy father to stand by the highway next to a giant bowling pin so a photo could be taken.


Just another typical day around here.

In the confusion of the extended weekend and without turning prime time television on since Wednesday, I turned on the TV at 11:30PM last night expecting to see Jimmy Fallon. How easily we lose our bearings when we break out of our established patterns. As much as I like certain shows, I do enjoy the break I get when nothing new is on to watch and I especially enjoy having 4 days off in a row even if they are going my way too fast.

My new experiment into Foursquare is kicking right along. I guess it really is just another micro-blogging tool that, like Twitter, probably takes away from actually writing a blog. I do find the tips and to-do’s interesting but I can’t imagine using these functions to make a decision about where to eat or where to buy something. If you’re already there, it’s going to be hard to leave just because of a random recommendation. I am trying to check in as much as possible because I expect for the Library of Congress to one day archive all of this information and I believe it will be helpful for future generations to have a permanent record of all of the fast food establishments I have visited.

I will keep using it when I am on the road next week and then I will make a decision about where it falls into my long-term plan for the blog.

In Wii news, we re-discovered Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii and Lindsay has taken quite a liking to it now that we are in there trying to discover new things about it. I’m not sure how long the excitement will last but it has been a nice diversion for the long weekend (and proved to be quite a bargain when we picked it up at Christmas for just $14!).


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