Monday, May 24, 2010

Tooth Time

Another week begins with another doctor looking at my teeth.


The news was good. I have one wisdom tooth that has to go. The other three do not appear that they will not be going anywhere. Supposedly I should be about ten years too old for this but I guess the fun never stops.

I do have one that is in there crooked but it actually appears to be resting on the nerve so the doctor said it might be foolish to go after that one. And, two opinions have said that these things should be in permanent place by now. I guess we will see!

So, I go back for an appointment at my regular dentist in two weeks and then try to narrow down when I will get this one yanked out.

In other news, it was a fairly quiet day at work. Those are the days that I typically get nervous waiting for a disaster to hit. I am off Friday so I only need to make it three more days. The countdown to the extended weekend has begun!

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