Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

You’d think a holiday would be all about relaxing but it was all about packing and getting ready to hit the road to Michigan tomorrow. Once I realized how long I was taking to pack I remembered that I have not been on the road in just over six months! In fact, my last trip was also Michigan and that was two weeks before last Thanksgiving. Instead of packing like a pro, I was pretty rusty today and now I have the “what am I forgetting fear”. I guess I’ll figure that out when I check into the hotel tomorrow night.

I’m actually stopping right near Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon to fix a problem and then I will drive two more hours north to spend the night. Then it is on into Michigan Wednesday morning. I’m hoping this will be a quick week. My plan is to leave by noon Friday and head straight back home.

So, that was Memorial Day. It was a blur. It’s been a good four-day weekend that I wish wasn’t ending so fast!

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