Friday, May 28, 2010


Today was a much needed day off from work and it was also the first day of summer vacation for the kids. Summer vacation is pretty short around here so you have to pack in as much as possible. Today was a blur so day 1 of stuffing as much into each day must have been a success.

I signed on for Foursquare today. Foursquare is one of those things which annoy me to death when I see people attach it to their Twitter feed or their Facebook page so I have created a separate Twitter for it that is over on the right hand side of the blog. I think it will be something to use when I travel with work this summer. I also goofed around with it tonight around town and I have to say that unlocking the badges is quite a hoot. It reminds me of the Activision badges you’d get by sending in a Polaroid of your high score on games like Pitfall! or Stampede. I do think you have to find a way to use Foursquare that doesn’t annoy your friends. The one really nice feature was checking in and then seeing what other people had written about a restaurant.

The original plan was to stay in tonight but that was thwarted when the storms knocked out the power and we could not cook. I had the bright idea to head over to Watertown to eat. I am glad I did solely for the pictures I got.

First, we have the twin toilets in the bathroom of the restaurant. A set up like this at home would have saved many marriages.


We came out of the restaurant to discover that the mighty Ford Contour was about to leave town to elope with a pearly white Mercury Mystique!


We made it home where my wife insisted that we watch the movie “Dear John”. I can proudly say that I made it 11 minutes in before retreating to the back of the house to update this blog. This is just not my kind of movie.

Finally, a short note about Gary Coleman. He’s a classic example of sudden fame just destroying a life. Yes, he made plenty of mistakes but how was he supposed to react to becoming a huge star at the age of 10 and having virtually no parental guidance or support? I guess now there will be an SNL skit where Todd Bridges goes to the graves of his departed cast members and breaks out in dance (a la John Belushi).


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