The Weekend

The weekend was filled with on and off rain. This was a good excuse to avoid all of the lawn work that needs to be done.

We did a lot of kid juggling this weekend. Sara was at a friends house last night so we took Lindsay to see Furry Vengeance. She enjoyed it. My wallet got much much lighter. Movies are geting way too expensive. My thoughts on the movie? I was done with seeing Brendan Fraser getting beat up by animals about 20 minutes in but Senor Chang was soon on the scene so that made it better.

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Today, Lindsay went to a birthday party so it was Sara’s turn to choose something ridiculously expensive for us to do. She chose bowling which is an awful lot more expensive now than it was in 1993 (This was my third time bowling since 1993 when I once actually bowled semi-regularly).



I had two strikes. I only used the bumpers to achieve one of those. I believe Sara also had two strikes. Show-off.

In other news, I get to call the dentist tomorrow. One of my wisdom teeth is annoying me. I guess I should feel fortunate that I made it to 36 without a wisdom tooth extraction. I’m more fearful of what else they will find wrong in there. It has been a while since I’ve been to the dentist and I’ve drank a lot of Coke since then – an awful lot. I’m a bit of a anti-dentite.


  1. Eee...wisdom teeth. Better out than in, I say.


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