The New Normal

Nashville took quite a beating last weekend. The water has now receded to reveal hundreds and hundreds of homes and businesses basically destroyed. Nothing much is salvageable. We’ve gone from watching video of water covering everything to watching video of homes and businesses with piles of ruined items out front. All of the contents, the carpeting, the drywall – it is all ruined. It’s overwhelming to watch and overwhelming to think about.

We were extremely fortunate. We have no real damage to speak of out here. I did notice patches of my yard – especially on the side of the house – where even the grass and weeds were washed right out of the ground. There is nothing left but topsoil where the water was really running off. It shows you the power of all of that rain.

To go back to writing here about the normal day to day things happening seems almost inappropriate when so many are in such terrible situations. But, life does keep going on and the new post-flood normal is emerging day by day.

I went through some pictures I had of our trip to Opryland Hotel at Christmas 2007 to show some before and after comparisons. It is amazing that they plan to be open in time for Christmas this year. (All of the flooding pics of Opryland Hotel can be seen here.)







  1. Wow. That was quite some storm. I'm glad to hear that you came through relatively unscathed, but sorry to see the damage in the area.


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