Good TV: Community


Something weird has happened on NBC. After a sort of slow start, Community has turned into one of the funniest and most original shows on TV.

I’m pretty surprised. I though the show was doomed by last December. There were funny bits here and there but something seemed to be missing. All of a sudden, the show has taken off because of two things – the strength of the ensemble and the incredibly imaginative writing.

In one recent episode, the study group gets transformed into a mafia family all due to the desire for tasty chicken fingers. It sounds strange but the episode was another brilliant example of a show definitely on the upswing.

Watch some full episodes here:


In local news, the rain passed right by us last night. Last Saturday we were drowned in rain and today I had to run the sprinklers for about 20 minutes on my new patch of grass and the two trees I am planted last year. It’s amazing how fast everything has dried out. As for the big patches of yard that eroded away, I’m not sure I’m going to replant grass there any time soon. I have a serious case of landscaping laziness.

We’re off to Chattanooga for the rest of the day. Over and out.