A Pothole and A Podcast

What happens when you get 15 inches of rain in two weeks? You get potholes – really big potholes.


This happened this morning on the interstate between Nashville and Chattanooga. They’re incredibly lucky no car went in there. That is some scary stuff. Supposedly this one will be fixed by Saturday night. Until then, all traffic from here to Chattanooga and Atlanta will be taking the scenic pre-interstate route around it.

If you happen to be out driving and come up on a ginourmous pothole, here’s a podcast to listen to while you are enjoying the countryside gridlock: Wiretap. If you’ve never listened to Wiretap before, start with this week. In about the middle of the show, there is a segment where different people who work at the CBC read selections from the short notes posted at the blog Dear Old Love. I had not heard of this blog before the show and I’m still not sure how to describe it. It’s something you have to hear (and read) for yourself.

If Jonathan Goldstein from Wiretap sounds familiar, it is probably because he is a former contributor on This American Life. He’s featured on the episode this week, which is a repeat from 2002.