Saturday, March 27, 2010

That was Saturday

The weekends around here fly by. The errands, the Walmart, the errands…no time to rest, no time to be lazy. I’m beginning to think the weekends are busier than the weekdays. We’re (meaning the people who live in my house and many people I know) are getting sucked in to this idea that every thing that can’t be fit into the week must get stuffed into Saturday. Last week I was sick on Saturday and all alone here and I did close to nothing. In fact, I can’t remember accomplishing one thing. I need more Saturdays like that, minus the being sick.

Frankly, I was just too busy to come home and sit in the dark for an hour tonight.


My great-grandmother lived with us on and off when I was growing up and she drilled in to my head that electricity is not free and lights and other stuff should not be left on when no one is using them. She didn’t need a special day to recognize this. Of course, she was thinking about the wallet more than the environment but let me assure you – I don’t leave lights burning “willy nilly” nor TV’s on or anything else when it is not being used and I have drilled that rule into my kids also. I do this partially out of fear that she will come back and haunt me if I don’t (as I believe she promised me she might) and partially out of fear that all the cheap Chinese crap we buy here in the USA these days might burst into flames at any unattended moment.

I do need to get better about unplugging cell phone adapters that are not being used. If I see Al Gore coming up the sidewalk to do an “Earth audit”, I’ll run around and unplug all of those before I allow him in.

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