Thursday, February 4, 2010


I think that my sleep pattern has been completely altered from a mix of 6 years of hotel rooms, 2 young kids, 1 needy dog, and getting older. There are rarely good nights of sleep- mostly, there are bad nights and not so bad nights. Monday was a bad night but closer to what the norm has become – getting up almost every hour on the hour. On the bright side, the dog can go out over and over and there is nothing more productive than answering emails and reading Facebook at 2AM or 3AM or 4AM.

Tuesday night, with one of these, I only got up once and that was due to the dog needing to go out.

sleep aid

I’ve travelled with the Tylenol PM in the past since sleeping in hotel rooms really messes me up (especially the first night) but Tylenol kills my stomach. So does spicy food and too much coffee. Did I mention that I am getting older?

At least now, instead of not being able to sleep, I can just live in fear of becoming addicted to sleeping pills.

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