Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An entry a day

I declare the long national nightmare to be over. I’m not talking about “The Jay Leno Show”. That ended last night.

I am referring to my experiment of trying to write a blog entry each day. I got on a bit of a roll at the start of the year and I started fooling myself into thinking that an entry each day would be A)attainable B)sustainable C)original.

It comes down to one fact: I’m not leading the most exciting life here. A typical day for me is trying to keep the kids from driving me nuts, trying to keep the cars running, not yelling at anyone at work no matter what crazy thing they’ve done (“I thought I could fix it and pulled out all the wires before I called. You think it was just unplugged? (Long pause) Whoops.”) and marveling at the ever-increasing amount of gray hair that is taking over my head.

I’m getting down to the point where my main themes seem to be “I feel lousy” and “Here is the unhealthy food I ate today”. Are these the things the kids are going to want to look back on? Probably not.

So, I am letting myself and any of you who bother coming here or are getting bombarded by my Facebook feed off the hook. If nothing witty or interesting happens tomorrow, I won’t force myself to sit down and write just for the sake of writing. I will use my allocated disk space on the Blogger servers for good and not just filler.

But, if you really are interested in what I am eating for lunch and if my knee arthritis is flaring up, you can always follow me on the Twitter.

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